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A Guide to Buying PVC Clear and Tinted Blinds for Your Home

PVC blinds not only filter out toxic UV sunrays but also accentuate the decor of your patio. Outdoor PVC blinds, also called alfresco, cafe or pergola blinds, help block out insects, rain and wind. Outdoor blinds made of PVC are available in two distinct options – tinted and clear.

Tinted plastic blinds, available in an array of shades, offer a colourful view of the outdoors. Alternatively, transparent PVC blinds give you a crystal-clear view of the outdoors.

Here are some aspects to keep in mind when buying tinted or clear PVC blinds.


When shopping for PVC blinds, you’ll come across three different options – pressed, extruded, and calendared. Structurally, these three distinct options are the same but differ in terms of surface consistency.

Extruded blinds offer excellent optical clarity and are capable of blocking nearly 99% of UV rays. Moreover, they don’t shrink easily. However, high quality extruded blinds that find extensive use in the marine industry can be expensive.

Pressed PVC blinds feature softened vinyl slats and are not very effective in blocking the elements.

The calendared PVC blind is the most popular owing to its high density and rigidity. Moreover, calendared PVC blinds cost less than extruded and pressed blinds.


The elements and the harsh UV rays can damage the PVC blinds over time. If you buy a low-quality PVC blind, it’ll become fragile and yellowish sooner than you expect. On the other hand, a high-quality clear PVC blind is more expensive but lasts longer.

Always choose Japanese PVC blinds that have a thickness of at least 0.75mm.


Clear PVC blinds can become extremely hot, especially during the summers, making it uncomfortable for you to lounge in the patio. To get around this problem, opt for a tinted PVC blind in a darker shade.


Clear PVC blinds are highly vulnerable to scratches and grazes because of its soft and smooth surface. Sooner or later your clear PVC blind will have scratches, scrapes, and blemishes, obstructing the view. In order to deal with this issue, you can choose tinted blinds, especially those in dark shades.

However, make sure that you wipe clean the blinds periodically to minimise the chances of scrapes or scratches.

Always Opt for Spring-Balanced PVC Blinds

PVC blinds with a zippered or crank-handle operating mechanism are difficult to use and maintain. Choose a spring-balanced PVC blind. These are more practical and quite easy to operate.

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