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  • Australia’s largest and most respected PVC blind manufacturer

    Australia’s largest and most respected PVC blind manufacturer

  • Enjoy outdoor living all year round

    Enjoy outdoor living all year round

  • Quality blinds custom made to fit any area

    Quality blinds custom made to fit any area

  • Highest grade materials for quality and appearance that lasts

    Highest grade materials for quality and appearance that lasts

  • Perfect Sunshades to block out the winter chill!

    Perfect Sunshades to block out the winter chill!

  • Stylish and flexible shade solution for any outdoor area

    Stylish and flexible shade solution for any outdoor area


Handy Tips to Make Your Outdoor Blinds Last Longer

Outdoor blinds can instantly transform any outdoor area into an extended living space. With outdoor blinds, you can enjoy the view of the outdoors from your extended space without being exposed to the elements. Such areas are great for just relaxing, partying or spending quality time with your family. Outdoor blinds also make your property look beautiful and enhance its…

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Let Specialists Help You Select the Perfect Set of Outdoor Blinds

The importance of outdoor blinds can never be exaggerated considering their functionality and practicality. They can extend your living space by covering any outdoor extension, save energy and thereby monthly bills, improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and also increase the value of your property. Understandably, the market is flooded with outdoor blinds of every type. If you are…

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Radiant Heaters are the New Choice for Backyards

Radiant heaters are the latest choice for most Australians when it comes to heating their backyards or patios. These heaters are just the ideal solution when you want to enjoy the outdoors even during the winter months. Radiant heaters will instantly heat up your outdoor space. Now you can hold that special party or a quiet family dinner in your…

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Why Should You Install Motorised Roller Blinds In Your Office?

When you are looking for window dressings for your office, nothing beats motorised roller blinds. These blinds are the latest in the market as they are constructed using the most modern technology. With their excellent features and smart operation, motorised roller blinds are not only high on performance but add a new dimension to your office. There are several reasons…

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Are All Window Awnings the Same?

An awning is an overhanging secondary covering that is attached to the outer wall of a building. It is usually made of canvas, cotton, polyester, vinyl laminate or polyester yarn that is stretched over a structure made of aluminium, steel or iron. Awnings have several advantages and can be used as an attractive and highly functional window covering in homes…

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Which Blinds Should You Buy for Wet Areas?

Blinds are a great way to add aesthetic appeal to any space while protecting it from the elements. However, wet areas are different. You can’t use the standard blinds here. Wet areas like the bathroom or the kitchen are prone to getting wet. Even dampness makes an appearance here. Over the years, blinds in wet areas tend to get discoloured,…

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Why Professional Blind Measuring and Fitting is Important

Blinds are one of the most widely seen window treatments. They offer a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. The right type of blinds can give any home a stylish makeover both from within and outside. Although most blinds are easy to install, considering their importance and your investment, it is prudent to hire professionals for measuring and fitting…

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Can Blinds Keep Your Home Warm in Winter?

It can be really cold during the winter months in Australia and heating bills inevitably eat up a large part of your monthly budget. However, with the right type of blinds installed in your windows, you can save substantially on heating bills by keeping out the cold air. Window blinds not only make your interiors look smart and stylish, they…

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Why Should You Consider Café Blinds For Your Home?

Café blinds are a great addition to your outdoor seating space. They are sleek, stylish and create a café-like lively ambience. Café blinds not only look extremely fashionable and smart; they also protect you through the seasons from rain, wind or harsh rays of the sun. Cafe blinds are extremely effective when it comes to protecting your home from harsh…

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Buying Café Blinds? 5 Tips from the Experts

Café blinds are extremely versatile and are available in a diverse range of styles, designs, patterns and materials. It is, therefore, best to do some research before investing in them. The first thing to do is set a budget for buying and installing your café blinds. As mentioned above, cafe blinds are available in a mind-boggling range of options and…

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