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  • Australia’s largest and most respected PVC blind manufacturer

    Australia’s largest and most respected PVC blind manufacturer

  • Enjoy outdoor living all year round

    Enjoy outdoor living all year round

  • Quality blinds custom made to fit any area

    Quality blinds custom made to fit any area

  • Highest grade materials for quality and appearance that lasts

    Highest grade materials for quality and appearance that lasts

  • Perfect Sunshades to block out the winter chill!

    Perfect Sunshades to block out the winter chill!

  • Stylish and flexible shade solution for any outdoor area

    Stylish and flexible shade solution for any outdoor area


Buying PVC Patio Blinds? Make Sure You Are Buying the Right Type

Looking to buy PVC patio blinds? Great choice indeed! They can protect your home from the wind, the cold weather and even insects. Thanks to its solid surface, PVC can totally block out the elements to ensure you enjoy your time outdoors without compromising the view. Be sure to consider the following aspects when choosing patio blinds for your home….

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Which Fabric and Colour Should You Choose For Outdoor Blinds & Awnings?

Your outdoor blinds and awnings are only as good as the materials being used. This may sound so obvious, and yet many people opt for low-quality alternatives without realising that the money they’re saving will be for nothing when they have to soon replace their outdoor blinds. Simply put, it is important to choose outdoor blinds and awnings made of…

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How Outdoor Heaters in Melbourne can be Beneficial?

If you have fantastic outdoors that you wouldn’t want to miss enjoying even after summers, investing in high-quality outdoor heaters is the smartest option. There are a variety of outdoor heaters available in the market. Here are some valuable benefits waiting for you when you choose to buy outdoor heaters. Greater Convenience Several outdoor heater models offer great convenience. There…

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4 Types of Blinds to Increase Comfort at Your Workplace

Next to a home, the workplace is where people spend a majority of their time. It is therefore important to have the workplace designed for their comfort. Accessories such as window and sunscreen blinds increase the comfort value of your workplace. Blinds create a warm ambience and protect you from harsh summers. They also help you in making the most…

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How to Prepare Your Home for Blinds Installation?

Apart from adding a touch of class to your home, outdoor blinds provide privacy and protection. They safeguard you from the elements and make it easier to enjoy your outdoors. While outdoor blinds have many benefits, only a proper installation will deliver these benefits. You can play your part in ensuring an efficient installation. You can prepare your home in…

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How To Choose the Right Blinds for Bifold Doors?

The prime function of blinds is to protect your home from harsh sunlight and chilly winters. But you can use blinds for more than just protecting your home from the sun and wind. The right type of blinds can also give your home a cosy, comfortable appeal. Many modern homes have bifold doors and windows. Blinds for bifold doors and…

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Where to Buy Outdoor Blinds At the Lowest Prices?

The right outdoor blinds can give your home exterior a charm that can surely make your home the envy of the neighbourhood. Blinds not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the windows and doors but also give you an enjoyable outdoor living area. But if you are wondering where you can find the best quality blinds and that too…

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What Kind of Blinds Works Best For Outdoor Spaces?

Need protection from the harsh sun or do you want to keep the chilly winters out? Or do you want something to prevent nosy neighbours from peeping into your home? Outdoor blinds are the perfect solution for all these problems. When it comes to blinds for outdoor space, you need to plan in terms of purpose, size and obviously, which…

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Tips To Measure Your Windows for Blinds

Planning to install blinds for your windows? Don’t just hire the first professional you come across in your search. It is important to know if the service provider can give you what you are looking for in terms of aesthetics and quality. Even as you go about choosing the right blinds company, it is recommended that you do a bit…

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Exploring Various Energy Efficient Window Treatments

You choose window treatments for their decorative properties, but how about for saving energy? Certain window treatments can help you to reduce the amount of heat that enters from the sunlight outdoors. Here are some energy-efficient window treatments to consider. Awnings Awnings can reduce the solar heat gain in your home by up to 65 percent if they are placed…

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