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  • Australia’s largest and most respected PVC blind manufacturer

    Australia’s largest and most respected PVC blind manufacturer

  • Enjoy outdoor living all year round

    Enjoy outdoor living all year round

  • Quality blinds custom made to fit any area

    Quality blinds custom made to fit any area

  • Highest grade materials for quality and appearance that lasts

    Highest grade materials for quality and appearance that lasts

  • Perfect Sunshades to block out the winter chill!

    Perfect Sunshades to block out the winter chill!

  • Stylish and flexible shade solution for any outdoor area

    Stylish and flexible shade solution for any outdoor area


What Kind of Blinds Works Best For Outdoor Spaces?

Need protection from the harsh sun or do you want to keep the chilly winters out? Or do you want something to prevent nosy neighbours from peeping into your home? Outdoor blinds are the perfect solution for all these problems. When it comes to blinds for outdoor space, you need to plan in terms of purpose, size and obviously, which…

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Tips To Measure Your Windows for Blinds

Planning to install blinds for your windows? Don’t just hire the first professional you come across in your search. It is important to know if the service provider can give you what you are looking for in terms of aesthetics and quality. Even as you go about choosing the right blinds company, it is recommended that you do a bit…

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Exploring Various Energy Efficient Window Treatments

You choose window treatments for their decorative properties, but how about for saving energy? Certain window treatments can help you to reduce the amount of heat that enters from the sunlight outdoors. Here are some energy-efficient window treatments to consider. Awnings Awnings can reduce the solar heat gain in your home by up to 65 percent if they are placed…

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Advantages Of Outdoor Blinds: Why Use Them?

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors or just relaxing outdoors to enjoy the weather, you already know that the sun isn’t your friend. Outdoor blinds provide some much-needed relief from the hot Australian sun. However, outdoor blinds also have a number of other advantages. Here are the outdoor blinds benefits that demonstrate why you should use them. Privacy and Security In…

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A buyer’s guide to outdoor blinds: Assessing needs

Purchasing outdoor blinds isn’t something that the majority of people do on an impulse. In fact, if you are looking to make the most of your outdoor blinds purchase, you will spend a significant amount of time looking at all of the different options. Your outdoor blind choice is something that you will have to look at every single day…

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A Brief History Of Awnings

Did you know that awnings have been around for centuries? Although awnings might not seem that exciting there is actually some cool history behind them. In addition, they’ve actually changed very little over the course of history. Here is a bit about awnings history that you might find surprising. Ancient Awnings Records dating back to ancient Egypt and Syria mention…

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Few Tips To Help You Buy Suitable Sunscreen Blinds For Your Home

With such huge numbers of various sunscreen blinds in the market, settling on the right one can be somewhat troublesome for customers. Here, at Outdoor Blinds, we give a scope of superb sunscreen blinds that’s worth the money spent. Want to know a few tips to pick the best outdoor blinds? Here we go:  Pick An Awesome Quality Texture…

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What Makes Motorized Blinds Your Most Ideal Choice?

In the event that you have a carport, you likely don’t mull over having a carport-opener. You will definitely not prefer to get out of the car every time to open the door. This is how you should shift your thoughts when it comes to home decor. Here are four reasons that make motorized blinds an ideal choice: 1. Safety…

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Why Add Window Awnings To Your Home

Awnings can be the perfect protective shades that considerably add to the overall appearance of your home. Apart from protecting your house, they also provide cooling, reduce your electricity bills and come out as a stunning feature that can be installed both inside and outside your premises (giving your house that coastal look that you’ve always wished for). From aluminum…

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How To Care For Your Outdoor Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas regardless of whether fixated to a table or unattached give enough shade protecting us from the harmful rays. You can relax by the pool or open it around a grill, they can serve a variety of purposes. While yard umbrellas are intended to be strong, withstanding bright beams and rain, their development contains numerous instruments that ought to…

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