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  • Australia’s largest and most respected PVC blind manufacturer

    Australia’s largest and most respected PVC blind manufacturer

  • Enjoy outdoor living all year round

    Enjoy outdoor living all year round

  • Quality blinds custom made to fit any area

    Quality blinds custom made to fit any area

  • Highest grade materials for quality and appearance that lasts

    Highest grade materials for quality and appearance that lasts

  • Perfect Sunshades to block out the winter chill!

    Perfect Sunshades to block out the winter chill!

  • Stylish and flexible shade solution for any outdoor area

    Stylish and flexible shade solution for any outdoor area


Shade Solutions For Your Outdoor Space

Having an outdoor space or patio has always been on the list for nature lovers. It is always nice to sit at the outdoors enjoying the greenery of your garden, the sun or rain. Well, outdoor space is not always about soaking the sun but it can be having a time with nature without the harsh rays lighting you up….

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The Advantages Of Having A Front Door Canopy

Who doesn’t like to enter a house that flaunts a way too classy entrance? Come on! We all have our jaws dropped when we see an attractive door with the finest art and designs on it. On top of it, a front door canopy is just like the icing on a cake. A front door canopy not only enhances the…

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Making The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Space – Outdoor Blind Options Worth Considering

If you are decorating your new house or revamping your existing house, then don’t forget the curb appeal or outdoor space. While the inside of your house will be in tandem with the other rooms, it should also match with the designing of your outdoor space. One of the things that most people forget is awnings as a design element….

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Tips To Stay Summer Smart With Quality Awnings

Summers are harsh and the sunrays brutal. Stepping out in the sweltering heat is not an enjoyable option during the summers. In fact, it is easier to stay inside than soak the sun. During such situations, awnings come to your rescue. If you want to spend time outdoors with your family and friends, then you need to invest on quality…

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Top Tips And Tricks To Maintain Folding Arm Awnings

Having folding arm awnings is a great addition, especially, if you actively host parties and love having guest over. Just placing the folding arm awning outside at the back yard or patio, can protect your guests on a sunny day or a day when the winds are too rough. However, the maintenance of any awning is a long process, especially,…

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Climate Protection And Shading – Top Blinds And Awnings To Shade Your Outdoors

The weather conditions in Australia keep changing – you will get a cold morning in summer and hot afternoon in winters. There have been many instances that the changing weather conditions could affect your health or your children’s health. As a result you need to ensure that there climate protection provided by installing shades on your patio, back yard. The…

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Making Your Café Blinds Work – Top Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Café Blinds

Turn your outdoor structure into an all weather room with the help of PVC clear cafe blinds. They are a brilliant, modern and affordable way to add more style and functionality to your space. But you should also bear in mind that these cafe blinds need care and attention. Here are 8 steps that will help enchance the longevity of…

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Discover What To Consider While Buying Café Blinds For Your Home

Never make a hasty decision when you want to purchase your new cafe blinds. It’s always a good idea to carefully consider what type of blinds you’d like to buy before investing in new outdoor blinds for your home. Also, the amount of money you’re willing to spend. Thirdly, what distinguishes quality bistro blinds from the other outdoor blinds. Keep…

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Cafe Blinds – Overhauling The Aesthetics

During the time of the French Bistros, a lot of the restaurants heavily depended on visual elegance in order to attract more customers. Even in the present age, this has not changed yet. A key reason why cafe blinds are still doing well and their business continues to grow. These blinds are popular because they blend extremely well into the…

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Affordable Cafe Blinds That Augment Your Cafe’s Profits

If you are a business owner, it is vital for you to repeatedly find new ideas to have your customers coming back to you for your products and services. As you’re aware, this is one of the proven ways that your business can continue to work and still produce profits. Besides your aggressive marketing campaigns and effectively reaching out to…

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