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Can Roller Shutters Actually Save Me Money?

Roller Shutters

With power bills rising by the day, it is but natural that you want to save energy and lower your bills however way you can. Installing roller shutters is one of the most effective ways of doing so. Whether it’s your home or office, roller shutters can help cut down on your power bills while helping save money in other ways too.

Roller Shutters Maintain a Pleasant Indoor Temperature

Windows are not enough to keep the heat or cold out completely throughout the seasons. When your indoors become too hot or cold, your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain a pleasant temperature. This not only raises your power bills but puts additional pressure on the HVAC system.

Rollers shutters cover all your windows and other openings completely without leaving any gaps around the frame.

Once rolled down during summer, they keep out the heat completely keeping your indoors cooler. When rolled up during winter, they allow the sunlight to warm up your interiors. When you roll them down at sunset, they keep the heat trapped inside, keeping your indoors warm and comfortable.

With roller shutters, you not only save on power bills but also increase the lifespan of your HVAC system. So you save money on two fronts.

Roller Shutters protect your Indoors against Harsh Weather

Harsh rays of the sun, strong winds that blow in flying debris or heat from bushfires can damage the furniture inside your home. Roller shutters are made of heavy-duty aluminium that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Once rolled down, they protect your valuables from getting damaged due to continuous exposure to sunlight or during stormy weather.

Roller Shutters provide Excellent Noise Insulation

Roller shutters significantly reduce the level of noise coming from outside. This is especially useful if you live in busy neighbourhoods, near arterial roads, airports or railway tracks. With your shutters down, you can enjoy a more peaceful home without having to invest in noise insulation systems.

Roller Shutters keep your home Secured

Once rolled down, roller shutters offer foolproof protection for your home. No matter where they are installed, they keep your family and other valuables safe from potential burglary.

Roller shutters are installed firmly against doors, windows and other openings. This makes it practically impossible to remove them from outside without creating a lot of noise. Moreover, being made of high-grade aluminium, they are extremely sturdy and not easy to break open.

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