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Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings provide the protection you need from the harsh Australian sun, while being fully retractable so you can enjoy its warmth when you want.

Outdoor Awnings

Folding arm awnings offer one of the most flexible and functional shading solutions for home and business use. Well suited to areas of almost any size, a folding arm awning will create a distinctive living space on a deck, patio, balcony or other area. You can even install them in series to create a spectacular verandah effect for walkways and restaurants.

The stylish shade solution

The sleek, simple design and range of fabrics makes the folding arm awning a stylish shade solution for any outdoor area – be it a deck, patio, balcony, terrace, café or shopfront. While being decorative and adding colour to your environment, awnings may also:

  • lower indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees
  • reduce sunlight and glare by as much as 94%
  • provide privacy while letting in fresh air
  • help protect your furniture, curtains, carpet and flooring from fading

Maximum air movement

It makes sense that the further an awning is located away from the window, the greater amount of air that can be circulated through the window and into your home. Unlike other types of window awnings which tend to hug the window, folding arm awnings allow maximum airflow and ventilation with their unobtrusive design and installation.

Easy to operate

  • Manual or fully motorised
  • Wind, rain and sun sensors are available
  • Custom made to exact dimensions

Folding Arm Awning options


Cantina is a convenient and elegant awning with multiple installation options, giving you greater choice for your shading preferences.

Size: Width up to 5850mm finished size, projection of 2000, 2500 & 3000mm

Construction: Powder coated aluminium and steel – white only

Rear Torsion Bar: 40mm x 40mm x 2mm thick

Folding arms: Internal spring assembly and features 750kPa gas struts

Features: Front rail that acts as rain gutter

Operation: Manual/motorised with remote control and manual override

Installation: Face fit (standard), also available as fascia, eaves and roof mount

Fabric: Acrylic. Show me the stylish colour options

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Siena is a European awning of superior quality and strength, combining elegance and effective shading properties in style.

Size: Maximum size up to 15m & 3.5m (54 metres square). Option of 5 projections: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m and 3.5m

Construction: Powder coated aluminium and steel – available in white, ivory and silver grey frame. Custom powdercoating available.

Folding arms: Robust arms, with strong stainless steel cable and internal spring assembly.

Features: The front rail acts as a rain gutter. Adjustable pitch control to full 90 degrees. 8-link chain for strength and durability, and provides excellent fabric tension.

Operation: Motorised with remote control and manual override for your convenience.

Installation: Face fit, fascia, eaves and roof mount. Versatile to suit your requirements.

Fabric: Acrylic. Show me the stylish colour options

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Ibiza is a classic awning available with and without pitch control, to a maximum width of 15 metres.

Size: Available in up to 6000m width per unit, series connection up to 15000m with motor. Projection: 1250, 1750, 2100, 2600, 3100, 3600mm.

Construction: The selection of anti-corrosion and highly durable materials is backed by a comprehensive warranty. No maintenance required.

Folding arms: Heavy-duty folding arms equipped with chain connection for superior strength and durability. The chain over both the elbow and arm brackets improves stability. Heavy-duty springs provide excellent fabric tension.

Features: For maximum shading comfort, the optional arm bracket with pitch control allows stepless adjustment of the projection angle between 5° and 40°. The angle is adjusted by rotating the eyelets with the crank.

Operation:  External operation with crank as standard. Optional motor control for both external and internal operation. The motor can have automatic controls such as remote control or sun and wind sensors.

Installation: The awning can easily be installed directly on to the wall or under the eaves. Flexible roof brackets are available for angled roofs.

Fabric: Acrylic. Show me the stylish colour options

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