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Handy Tips to Make Your Outdoor Blinds Last Longer

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Outdoor blinds can instantly transform any outdoor area into an extended living space. With outdoor blinds, you can enjoy the view of the outdoors from your extended space without being exposed to the elements. Such areas are great for just relaxing, partying or spending quality time with your family. Outdoor blinds also make your property look beautiful and enhance its value.

Given the importance of outdoor blinds, it is crucial that you keep them in top shape. Good quality blinds don’t come cheap so maintaining them well will increase their life.

Wash them at Regular Intervals

Regular cleaning is the first and most important step to keep outdoor blinds in good condition. They are constantly exposed to dirt, dust and other debris that can damage them over time. Regular cleaning removes all such harmful deposits and keeps them clean and shiny.

Use lukewarm water along with a mild cleaning solution to clean the blinds. Use only chamois or sponge to avoid scratching the blinds. Never use any abrasive material such as steel wool or hard brush to clean your blinds. Even while dusting, use a duster made of soft material.

Roll up Only when Dry

Once you have washed your outdoor blinds, allow them to dry completely before rolling them up. Rolling up damp blinds encourages the growth of harmful microorganisms that can damage the blinds from within.

Moreover, sunlight falling on damp rolled-up blinds will act on the moisture and your blinds could swell up. This will cause irreparable damage and even nullify the warranty on them.

Avoid Exposure to Inclement Weather

Although outdoor blinds are installed so you can enjoy the views in privacy, avoid keeping them down during inclement weather. Watching that storm from within the safety of your enclosed outdoor area may be great but it will also damage your lovely outdoor blinds.

Roll up your blinds immediately in case a strong wind is blowing or during heavy rain or if you anticipate bad weather.

Be Patient while Operating your Blinds

Don’t rush while rolling up your blinds or letting them down. The rolling up process is particularly important as there may be creases if you don’t roll them up gently and carefully. If the blinds remain rolled up with creases, they can become stiff and wrinkled and crack easily. Even while rolling them down, be gentle with the mechanism so that the blinds fall smoothly without any creases or wrinkles.

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