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Sun Plays a Big Part in the Selection of Your Blinds

Rising temperatures in several parts of Australia are making it inevitable for home owners to come up with shading solutions that keep the heat away efficiently. If your local weather is making you see too many hot days, then it is time to install outdoor window blinds.

When shopping for outdoor blinds, the climate in your locality should be an important consideration. Here’s why.

Outdoor Blinds Offer the Best Protection when Installed in the Direction of the Sun

It is important to identify the direction of your windows to be able to understand the entry points of sunlight. In most parts of Australia, sunlight enters the indoors from North, West and the East.

If you have a window facing the east, you’ll have sunlight entering indoors right from the early morning. A window on the west attracts hot afternoon sun.

The angle of the sun varies from location to location and throughout the day. You could use a tool such as Geoscience Australia to calculate the angle of the sun at your place. Depending on the results, you could prioritise the best positions to install the blinds.

Choose Outdoor Blinds According to the Angle of the Sun

A single type of blind will not work for all directions. For example, if the window faces north, an adjustable horizontal blind would be ideal. The blind should start from above the window and extend along the sides to block the heat well. Being adjustable, it would block summer heat but allow winter sun.

For windows in the east and west, vertical or angled adjustable blinds would be suitable as they can capture the low-angled morning and afternoon sunlight efficiently. By choosing adjustable blinds, you will be able to block the light when needed while letting in fresh light and air indoors at other times.

Windows play a significant role in letting summer heat indoors. In fact, windows let in 87% of heat and push 40% of it outdoors. With well-chosen outdoor blinds, you’ll not only be blocking unwanted heat during summer but you will also be keeping your indoors warmer during winters. This way, you’ll be saving on your energy bills too!

For the best collection of outdoor and indoor blinds, trust The Outdoor Blind Company. As a local Australian company with 50 years of experience in the industry, we are familiar not only with the local climate but also the best blinds that suit your windows.

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