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The Best Outdoor Blinds to Summer-Proof Your Outdoor Space

The Best Outdoor Blinds to Summer-Proof Your Outdoor Space

The summer months are a great time to enjoy the outdoors. Even if you can’t actually go out of home, you can still enjoy nature’s beauty from your veranda or patio. However, during summer, the Australian sun can be quite harsh too. Just when you plan a party in your patio or want a lazy nap on your veranda, the weather could feel too hot and unbearable.

Outdoor blinds are a great solution to control the temperature in your outdoor spaces even during the height of summer. With outdoor blinds, you can really enjoy your outdoor spaces even if the sun is really burning down.

The Best Outdoor Blinds for Your Outdoor Spaces

A variety of outdoor blinds are available in the market in a range of designs, shades and fabrics. What suits you best will depend on your personal style, requirement, the layout of your property and, of course, your budget.

Café Blinds

Café blinds are just what you need when you want outdoor blinds that really reflect the feel of the outdoors. They have a fresh, clean, breezy look about them. They add a certain glam to your outdoor space when you are dining or entertaining.

Café blinds offer great insulation so you can enjoy your outdoor space not only in summer but during the winter too. When lowered and shut, they are sturdy enough to keep out strong winds and rain apart from the harsh rays of the sun.

Opaque Blinds

Opaque blinds are a good choice when you want total privacy in your outdoor spaces. Although these blinds can block your view, they allow you to make the most of your outdoor space even if it’s just a small balcony in your apartment.
Opaque blinds are ideal for homes that are situated in crowded places, with neighbours all around. And of course, they protect you from the glare of the sun when you just want to laze around in your balcony without prying eyes all around.

Transparent or Clear Blinds

Also referred to as bistro blinds, clear outdoor blinds are perfect if you have a large property and high walls. With their classy glass-like appearance, they create a sophisticated ambience in your outdoor spaces. Paired with the right furniture and accessories, bistro blinds can turn your outdoor space into a high-class entertainment zone and a great place to enjoy the view with your family.

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