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Which Blinds Should You Buy for Wet Areas?

Vinyl Blinds

Blinds are a great way to add aesthetic appeal to any space while protecting it from the elements. However, wet areas are different. You can’t use the standard blinds here.

Wet areas like the bathroom or the kitchen are prone to getting wet. Even dampness makes an appearance here. Over the years, blinds in wet areas tend to get discoloured, frayed and susceptible to the growth of mould and fungus. You need a blind that can stand its own against all these aspects.

A few pointers can help you choose the right blind for wet areas in your house.

Avoid Natural Fabrics

Avoid natural fabrics such as wood, jute or cotton. These get wet quickly, are extremely susceptible to damp, difficult to dry and tend to become mouldy. Fabric blinds are, therefore, a strict no-no when it comes to wet and damp areas.

Select the Right Material

For wet areas, the best blinds are made of water-resistant materials or are laminated. These materials are not only sturdy but ensure that the water does not stick to the surface. They are not affected by damp and do not allow the growth of fungus.

The Options

There are plenty of options available when it comes to selecting blinds for wet areas. Depending on the decor of the space, functionality and your personal preference, you can easily get blinds that are perfect for wet areas.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds – These are one of the top choices for wet areas. They have a contemporary, stylish look and are highly practical. Aluminium is an extremely durable yet light-weight material. These blinds last for years.

Cleaning these blinds is easy. Simply shut the blinds and wipe off any water or dust lying on the slats.

Vinyl Blinds – Apart from laminated blinds, vinyl blinds are a wonderful option for wet areas. These are highly water and moisture resistant. What’s more, you can install these blinds with confidence in any wet area.

Whether your windows are near the shower or the sink, vinyl blinds are perfect when you want complete privacy, elegance and practicality.

Roller Blinds – This is another good option when you want practical and durable blinds for wet areas. Roller blinds do not let water accumulate on the surface and simply wiping the slats removes any specks of water lying behind. The blinds are available in multiple colours and can be customized to fit any open space.

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