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Why Should You Consider Motorised Blinds?

Why Should You Consider Motorised Blinds?

Blinds should not only improve the looks of your home but offer perfect convenience with high performance. Motorised blinds score high on all the above and are a worthy investment in every sense. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should invest in motorised blinds.

Ease of Operation

Motorised blinds are automated blinds that can be fully operated just by pressing a few buttons. They can also be operated through a remote control or your smartphone. Moreover, you can set timers on motorised blinds so that they open and close at exactly the time you want them to.

With motorised blinds, you don’t have to walk up to your blinds every time you want to operate them. You can do it just from the convenience of your couch or bed.

Energy Efficient Home

Even if you don’t set timers, motorised blinds have the ability to react independently to outdoor temperature and sunlight. When connected to smart home hubs with sensors, they will know when to shut or open depending on the temperature outside. thereby keeping your interiors cooler. And in winter, they will stay open during the day to let sunlight in and shut at sunset to trap the heat inside.

Motorised blinds make your interiors more energy-efficient and save substantially on energy bills by ensuring that your air conditioner/heater has to work less.

Smart Integration

Motorised blinds have smart thermostats that can detect both outdoor and indoor temperature. Accordingly, they shut automatically when the room gets too hot instead of turning on the AC.

Similarly, they can turn off the AC if the room has become too cold. During winter, they will know exactly when to shut so as to retain maximum natural heat instead of turning on your heating mechanism.

Motorised blinds can also be synchronized with smart lighting systems. They will know when to turn on the lights or switch them off depending on the amount of natural light in your home.

Complete Safety

Lack of cords in motorised blinds is a huge advantage, especially in homes with kids. Without cords, there is no fear of getting entangled and you don’t have to worry every time your child goes near the blinds.

Moreover, motorised blinds enhance the security of your home. You can set timers to keep them open when you are not home to give the impression that the home is occupied, wHich will fend off burglars.

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