Care and Warranty

Effective: June 2014


CANCELLATIONS:  Cancellation of an order in whole or part will not be accepted without written consent, and deposit will be forfeited. If work has been started, FULL payment will be asked for.


WARRANTY:   Goods come with a two-year warranty from installation date. Blinds with a doorway included are covered by a 12-month warranty. Warranty applies only to manufacturing faults or incorrect installation, and does not apply to elements of nature, for instance, damage or injury caused by cyclones or gale force winds, and damage caused by pets OR INCORRECT CARE ON OWNER’S BEHALF – SEE CARE INSTRUCTIONS


All claims or queries regarding goods and installation must be notified within ten days of the date of invoice. This is a precondition of any claim in respect of goods or to any contest of a claim by this company for payment of these goods.


Due allowance should be made by customer for variations caused in the manufacturing process.


If any material or other product sold under this invoice later becomes subject of complaint, we reserve the right to consider expert evidence by our suppliers and recognised industry associations as conclusive of the complaint.


The Outdoor Blind Company will not be held responsible for any damage or injury occurring from work completed under reasonable request by client, which has been advised against by The Outdoor Blind Company.


Our Liability is limited to replacement of the subject goods or if goods were no longer available, to replacement with the closest equivalent merchandise from our current stock range. Liability for any negligence or any consequential loss is expressly excluded.


We may vary our conditions of sale at the time. Even if we do not insist on them strictly on one or more occasions, they still stand for other occasions. No standard conditions of Sale used on the customers documentation will apply to any transaction unless the directors of the company have expressly so agreed.


All those conditions apply to all sales except so far as State or Federal law may prevent this for a particular transaction. All conditions or warranties implied by law are excluded.


Local Council approval, if required, is the responsibility of the owner.


Structural Engineering Certificates and approval, if required, must be arranged for by the owner at their own cost.


Due care will be taken by The Outdoor Blind Company to ensure that all non–certified structures are adequately anchored to withstand reasonable forces, but ultimately the responsibility lies with the owner.

PLEASE NOTE:  Blinds are not substitute for glazing or strong winds, the outdoor blind co will void warranty.